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Photo of conference

7th International DMI Conference | Norway 2017

Photo of conference

Interpreting for deaf and hearing delegates from many countries

Photo of conference

Neither too young nor too old to attend

Photo of conference

Norwegian BBQ

Although many delegates from African countries had their Visa refused, a significant number of country leaders were successful.
In the Fredtun school gymnasium, international delegates from 23 countries recounted their unique in-Country experiences, how God is working in their communities and it was a delight to see folk from around the world encourage one another. At each session, several interpreters translated in various countries’ sign; the voiced message was in English, which enabled hearing interpreters to sign into other countries’ languages. Pastor Josephat from Kenya was the Keynote Speaker. He provided reassuring messages focusing on the breadth and depth of God the Father’s love for His sons and daughters.

In total there were 160 delegates. They were treated to beautiful surroundings, plentiful food and fresh mountain air during a trek in the countryside. An excursion up the nearby fjord provided an opportunity for a boat ride half-way through the conference time.
Daylight remained until well past 11:00pm, with it staying fairly light throughout the night!

Photo of conference

Unique architecture

Photo of conference
Photo of conference

Pastor Josephat Mulongo

6th International DMI Conference | South Korea 2014

23 countries were represented on this occasion. Key note speaker, Bob McFarland (UK), reached an audience of 250 on the ‘open’ day when visitors came from various DMI churches, of which there are 50 in Korea.
You can’t help but take home a large number of memories, impressions and smells (mainly food) of South Korea. Many of us learned that it does not take long for people of different cultures to develop an understanding of each other’s language through sign; the Deaf Korean organizers proved to be an amazing team of dedicated and professional people working together to produce a seamless event; the sharing of cultural challenges and blessings is difficult to summarize in only 10 minutes!! In most public areas the environments were kept very clean; residential living spaces were commonly high-rise and in numerous blocks of apartments; architecture was impressive and innovative; every spare small piece of land was utilised to grow rice and vegetables - roof top gardens were commonplace; deciduous trees lined inner city streets providing shade and beautiful autumn colours; we were amazed at the number of beautiful parks and dedicated areas of historical importance, which were faithfully maintained and treated with great respect; we witnessed the younger generation acting in a most thoughtful and caring way towards children and older folk alike; many ATMs were not user-friendly; watching a very young CODA signing to her mother can make you cry.

Korean flag

Host country

Kenyan flag

Patricia representing Kenya

Syrian flag

Nedal representing Syria

Norwegian flag

Gunnar announces the 7th DMI conference country - Norway

Korean food

Fresh & tasty Korean meals

Bob with Young-joo

Bob is serenaded

Korean dancers

Joyful cultural dancing

Korean musicians

The sounds of Korea


Only a magician could get Neville to perform

Apartment buildings

The blocks of high-rise apartments seem endless

Rice field

No need for lawnmowers when rice can be grown

Modern cafe

Inner-city cafe


Innovative architecture


One of many historic places


Multi-language sermon: Norwegian/Korean/English voice and sign

Pyramids of Korea

These mounds are the equivalent of Egypt's pyramids

King's treasure

Some of the treasures buried with the kings


Intriguing memorials

Busy motorway

Good-bye Seoul

5th DMI Conference 2011


The Tops Conference Centre, Stanwell Tops, NSW, AUSTRALIA

Photo of group

Photo of flags

The 5th DMI International Conference is over. Most delegates are now safe and sound in their homes and hopefully have returned encouraged, inspired and with a sense of unity and purpose, which was not felt in the same way before. When some of the local folk joined with us we had over 130 people on site but for most days, around the 100 mark. Over 20 countries and every mainland Australian state was represented.

We thank all those who worked so hard to help make this conference the success that it was. A special thanks to Rod Chapman and Brenda Clearwater for the massive amount of ‘behind the scenes’ work. Thanks to Anita and Trevor Petersen for their tireless efforts and a host of others who drove back and forth to the airport so many times; helped with sales; hosted delegates in Canberra and Melbourne; lead groups and shared in the meetings. To God be the Glory.

Photo of chad

Chad Entinger, from Deaf Missions - USA, was the key note speaker. His creative, challenging and thought-provoking messages were so appreciated. Chad is a great communicator and in spite of the number of various sign languages used at the conference, he managed to overcome all difficulties in communication. He presented so well our theme of “Not being ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus”.

Photo of australian delegates

Australian delegates naturally out numbered internationals. DMI is so widespread now that we can’t please everyone who wants to come but, this time we pleased the Australians with having the conference on home soil.

Photo of lynne

Lynne became deaf a few years ago for no known reason. She used to be an interpreter but now has to be interpreted for. Lynne was a teacher of the deaf and at the conference, presented a very moving poem as an apology on behalf of teachers of the deaf who had misunderstood their charges, and through their ignorance, did much harm to the kids they taught.


Robert is from Uganda and one of the youngest delegates. He presented at the conference and at meetings in Melbourne and Brisbane also.

After the conference about 30 delegates came with us on a week’s tour to Melbourne, hence another very full, but rewarding week. The last two overseas delegates left Tuesday, 25th.

We recommend that you start saving for DMI’s next international conference. South Korea will be the host country in 2014.

Photo of nedal

Nedal from Syria holding up the bridge

Photo of norwegians

Norwegian delegates

Photo of rod

Rod with delegates

2008 DMI Conference

Group photo of conference attendees

DMI’s 4th International Conference was held in Alexandria, Egypt from October 1st - 5th 2008. 33 countries were represented by some 230 delegates. A big thank you to everyone who attended and helped make this event the great success that it was. Egypt holds many treasures; some of us can feel the ‘pull’ to go back and view more of them.

It has taken us some time to wind down following the conference in Egypt. The last of the delegates arrived home after extended post conference trips. We are so thankful to God for traveling mercies for all who made it safely back to their home countries. Delegates from some 33 countries attended and considering that DMI has work in only 20 that was not bad. Our lives were blessed by reports and testimonies from each country and we will never be the same again.

Why don’t you join us at DMI’s 5th International Conference in New South Wales, Australia to be held 12th - 16th October, 2011. The 5th Conference brochure has been added to the website in PDF format for printing. Prior conference attendees should receive a brochure by post or email, shortly. Registrations will open in April 2010.

Speaker with interpreters

Speaker with interpreters

Conference Audience

Conference audience

The interpreting team

The interpreting team

Delegates from China

Delegates from China

Delegates from Egypt

Delegates from Egypt

Delegates from Syria and Jordan

Delegates from Syria and Jordan