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Christians Persecuted in Egypt


Egypt Director, Sobhy

date farm

Date farm

On the other side of the world in Egypt we are facing another situation quite different to that of the Philippines. Some 100 Km from Cairo we have a farm growing dates, olives, oranges and guava. It is in the middle of Bedouin lands and in a strong Muslim area. The local Muslim population does not want a Christian presence in their area. Already some have been murdered, monasteries attacked and now we are facing continual harassment and threats. Court cases are being brought against us to remove the “infidel” presence from their area. We own the land and have the titles but this does not seem to make any difference in a place where Christians are 2nd class citizens. Please pray for protection for Sobhy and the others who are trying to protect the land. Pray for some justice to be served in the courts and that these issues can be contained.

God Bless, Neville