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DMI’s original contact with Myanmar was made through a pastor in the
Chin Hills of Western Myanmar. He wrote to DMI for advice and help
due to the fact that there were many deaf people in the villages
where he worked but nobody knew what to do to help them. From that
original contact DMI Myanmar was born.

Photo of Pa Lian Family

Pa Lian and family

Then Za Lian, better known as Pa Lian, trained as a teacher of the
deaf and spent some time in the Mary Chapman School in Yangon before
becoming the director of DMI Myanmar.

Photo of yangon church

Yangon Church

A church for the deaf was established in Yangon in 1999 With Pa Lian
as the pastor. The first meetings were held in the home of a deaf
couple but soon outgrew the facility. It then moved to an apartment
in a Yangon suburb but due to government pressure on churches meeting
in apartments we decided to purchase a property that we could use as the pastor’s residence and meeting place. Thanks to an exceedingly generous
donation by a supporter, a house was purchased and is used to this day
as a church, meeting place and residence. This was the first church for
the deaf in Myanmar.

Photo of Naing Niang Kyaw Family

Naing Naing Kyaw and family

Naing Naing Kyaw, a deaf young man who graduated from seminary is
the evangelist at the church.

Kalay School

Photo of Kalay school

Kalay School

Photo of dorm

Original school building now used as dorm

Photo of teaching Photo of cheesy grin

The Kalay Immanuel School for the Deaf was opened in 2004. There are
only 3 school for the deaf in Myanmar at the moment and our little
school is one of them. Most of the students are from the Chin tribe
and come from the surrounding hill villages. A property was purchased
through another generous donation in the town of Kalay and modified
into a school.

Photo of new building site

Site for new building

We have out grown the present facility so plans to
build a more suitable building are under way. The school is a residential school. We have a mixture of deaf and
hearing teachers and supporting staff. Instruction is in Burmese
sign language and both Burmese and English are taught in the school.

Photo of buddies Photo of cutie

Photo of tree planting

Tree planting at Kalay School


New Dormitory Needed

3 September 2009

Photo of sleeping kids

The Immanuel Christian School for the Deaf in Kalay (Myanmar) is bursting at the seams. There is no more floor space for kids to sleep on and the health department has told us not to accept any more children until new facilities have been built. The temporary building used for class rooms is falling to bits and water pours in through the holes and soaks the teachers, students, books and furniture. Read more in the July newsletter

If you would like to support the building of a dormitory, donations can be made using Paypal via this website.

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