Doug and Val Clutton

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Doug and Val were both born in Ontario, Canada and were raised in Christian families. They both accepted Christ at the young age of 11 at a Baptist summer camp. Val spent a year on a short term mission team during which time she spent 5 months in the Philippines after which she returned to Bible College. Doug finished his Master’s degree in audiology and also one year at Seminary. They attended Urbana ‘84, a large missions conference and both individually felt God leading them into missions.
They were married Dec 21, 1985 and God blessed them with 2 sons, Tim and Andy. They were accepted as career missionaries by SEND International May 1988 and left for the Philippines Nov. 1989. They went to language school and were assigned to a church planting team, although their hearts were burdened for the Filipino deaf who have very few services country wide. From 1993-98 they were on loan to Fishermen of Christ, Inc., Philippines where they became familiar with the ministries of DMI. They returned to Canada in 2001 for family reasons and have been heavily involved in various leadership positions in their multi-national local church. Doug worked in a paediatric cochlear implant program for 6 years in Toronto, finished his Doctoral studies and has spent the last 3 years working for Cochlear Canada as Clinical Territory Manager for eastern Canada. Val really enjoyed working at SIM Canada’s head office for 5 years. She has been at home for the past 3 years because of the onset of the early symptoms of Huntington Disease. They began a ministry for the deaf at their church but only one family came for a period of about one year. In looking ahead to “what’s next, Lord?” they were reminded about the on-going needs of the deaf in the Philippines. They believe that God was opening the doors for them to return in summer 2010 (without their sons) to serve full-time with DMI. Since DMI doesn’t have a Canadian office, they applied with World Mission to the Deaf and were accepted. They will be on loan to DMI and are looking forward to moving to Bacolod City to assist Albert and Kim with the deaf churches and other ministries that Albert and Kim have started among the deaf there. Pray for open doors at each step along the way.

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October 2010

Photo of bacolod land

Why would a city boy like me even think about starting a farm project? - sugarcane, pigs (later, poultry, vegetables and fruit)? Actually for several reasons:

Basic Information: An initial capital investment of 5.175 M pesos (Cdn $123,000) will provide for the purchase of 10 hectares (~25 acres) and funds sufficient for the planting of 8 hectares of sugarcane and piggery for 30 piglets. At the end of one year an estimated 1.2M pesos will remain as profit (over expenses and ongoing maintenance of the projects). These funds can also be used in expanding the farm project and/or supporting the ongoing efforts of PICD, Inc. (Philippine Immanuel Churches of the Deaf, Inc.). Deaf will be employed and some will live on the property. The land for sale may be grabbed up by other interested buyers, so we are hoping to move as quickly as possible.

So we have started the process of raising this capital. We are looking locally into borrowing possibilities, Deaf Ministries International is presenting the concept to supporters worldwide, and we are doing our part by contacting you. If you or someone you know might be interested in giving toward this project, please send your donation to…. WORLD MISSION TO THE DEAF

39 Meadow Cr, Whitby ON L1N 3J2 CANADA - designated: “Philippine Livelihood Income Generating” (PLIG) projects.


The projects below will be established using a revolving fund. A deaf “businessman/woman” will receive a micro-loan to be paid back within a specified period of time (variable depending on the project). Most of these business ventures will require approximately 10 to 15K pesos – about Cdn $250.00 to $350.00. Although the income may not initially be sufficient to support a family, it will be designed to at least support an individual’s daily needs.

The focus in my training so far has been to take these ideas from a simple concept (they see others in these business ventures) into a practical business plan that can be successfully executed. The “principles of success” (there are 70 of them) teach a lot about money management, integrity, and work ethic. The beauty of the revolving fund is that once the deaf pay back their loans, the money can be recycled for other deaf to establish a livelihood as well. If the Income Generating Farm is as successful as we estimate, then some of the funds from it can be directed toward the livelihood projects I’ve listed above.


Our personal monthly support needs are being met but our initial set up and ministry expenses have been more than we anticipated. Any one time gift towards this would help get us back “in the black”, hopefully by the end of the year.


Most of all we need to be in prayer – if God is not in these efforts, then we are just spinning our wheels. Thank you for standing with us on behalf of the Filipino deaf!

God Bless,

Doug and Val