The Muir Family

muir family

Lill, Neville, Noelle, David, Asher, Ruthie, Bec, Elissa, Erik, Brent, Ian

Lill and Neville commenced their missionary work in Japan in 1971. Lill at that time was a missionary with the Evangelical Lutheran Free Church of Norway and was specifically involved in child evangelism. Neville was a teacher of the deaf from Melbourne Australia working as a teacher in Japan. They met in Osaka and were married in Kyoto.

Following a time at Multnomah School of the Bible in Portland Oregon, Neville, Lill and Brent moved to Korea in 1978 under the banner of World Opportunities International. The work eventually out grew this organization and Deaf Ministries International was born.

Neville and Lill saw 3 more children born in Korea before they moved back to Japan in 1991 due to schooling difficulties. During the Korean years 14 churches were established in Korea and the ministry extended to the Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, Kenya and Uganda. Following the move back to Japan the work continued to grow and ministries were started in Myanmar, Burundi, Rwanda and Tanzania. More recently the work has spread to Syria, Egypt, Colombia, Congo, Sudan and a church commenced in Australia. The work of Dewayne and Jackie Liebrandt in Thailand amalgamated with DMI a few years ago.

Currently the Muirs live in Melbourne Australia where the International Office of DMI is located. As the Muir boys married, their bedrooms were taken over by DMI and served as the ‘office’ for eight years. In April 2008 the workplace had outgrown the house and was relocated to an office block in Pakenham. It is a much more functional and productive space to work in for the staff.

Brent works at Monash University in Melbourne and remains single. Erik married Rebecca, an Anglican minister’s daughter and he too works at Monash University. Bec is an engineer and they are proud parents of Elissa and Alec. David married Ruthie, an American MK from Japan and their children are Noelle (the oldest grandchild) and Asher. David has his own business in web design. The youngest son still living at home is Ian. He has down Syndrome and most ably holds down a full time job at Wallara Industries.

Neville and Lill were founders of Deaf Ministries International and Neville currently serves as International Director.