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30th Anniversary Brochure

Photo of Christmas brochure

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10th AGM reports, held on 7th May 2011, now available.
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Audited Financial Statements year ending 31st December 2010 for DMI and Deaf Action
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Beds needed for Kenya school

2 April 2009

Girls with mattresses

More beds are needed for the ever increasing number of children at the Immanuel School for the Deaf in Ringa, Kenya. The current situation of up to 3 to a bed is not the best solution so 80,000 Kenyan shillings (roughly $US 1000) for the boys’ beds is a priority. Recently a property next door to the school was rented which contains a building for the boys’ dorm. The beds and mattresses, when we get them, will go into this building.

Container Arrived

21 April 2009

We are delighted to report that the container has made it to Kenya safely passing through the pirated waters. We still need prayers as it has to pass through Ugandan customs this week.

Wes Syverson and crew loading container

Wes Syverson and crew loading container

Container beginning journey in Arkansas

Container beginning journey in Arkansas

A container holding the first building for Uganda is on its way to Kampala. By truck to Charleston, boat to Europe, another boat to Mombasa through the pirated waters of Somalia, train to Nairobi and then truck to Kampala, it is expected to arrive on the 21st of April. There are a few challenges ahead as the shipment clears customs then tries to manoeuvre the tiny twisty road to the DMI property . This is providing it has not been hijacked on the way or fallen off the truck while passing along Kenyan roads. Groups of volunteers from the US will join Lloyd Osborn to assemble the building over the next few months.

See Ugandan Bible School & Churches for more info.

Davao’s First Commencement Exercise

2 April 2009

Graduating class of 2009

Graduating class of 2009

DMI’s College and High School for the Deaf has just held its first commencement exercises when 14 College and 11 High School students graduated.

Commencement exercises were held in DMI’s facility in Davao where an excited crowd of parents, friends and family witnessed the proceedings. Now comes the challenge of finding employment for our graduates. Joshua and Asuela have headed up the work in Davao from the very beginning. Their tireless and sacrificial efforts have produced a lot of fruit. As well as their main work in Davao City churches, dormitories and school ministries have been started in many other places in Mindanao.

Ugandan Bible School & Churches

14 November 2008

Wes and Lloyd from Tech Srve with current church building in background

The church in Kampala, our “mother” church in Uganda to the 59 other branches we have, is a disgrace. It is a wooden shed with a tin roof that leaks and has gaping holes all down the sides. The Bible school which is training deaf people from various countries in East and Central Africa is also in great need of space and facilities.

What is going to be the biggest faith-stretching exercise DMI has ever undertaken is now underway. Wes is the director of an organization known as Tech Serve, based in Arkansas. His group is going to ship to Uganda (in containers) three churches and a two-story Bible School building. Volunteer teams from Australia and the US are going to help erect these buildings with the help of local workers. The only problem is that we have no money to pay for it at all. Now either we are completely mad (I can hear some of you replying to that!!) or God has a sense of humour and is going to perform a huge miracle to get these buildings constructed.

These pressing projects do not attract tax deductibility in Australia - donations should be made to Deaf Ministries International.

To read more go to [November Newsletter 2008](/newsletters/DMU/200811/2008-11 Newsletter.pdf)

New DMI workers for Uganda

19 January 2009

Les and Annette Russel

Les and Annette Russell left for Uganda on News Years day to spend initially 4 months serving the deaf in Kampala. The Russells are from the Berwick Church of Christ in Melbourne. Les is a graduate of the Bible College of Victoria and will be teaching in the DMI Bible School for Deaf in Kampala. Annette plans to help with the women’s ministry , encouraging young mothers and be used where ever asked to serve. Les and Annette are serving at their own expenses. Should you wish to help them with their ministry please let us know.

Neville’s Visit to the US

19 January 2009

Neville will be in the US for three weeks from January 17th until March 10th. The schedule is still being worked out but the current plan is.

Pongsak is Free!

14 September 2008

Pongsak sends greetings to everyone

He is FREE at last. I don’t fully understand all that went on but it seems that the case has been dropped, shelved, put on hold, dismissed, …… what ever. Praise God for it any way. He is free to travel to Egypt for the conference and is most thankful for all your prayers, support and encouragement. His family too expresses their appreciation and thanks to all who have helped with the lawyer’s fees and for your prayers. We hope that none of our people ever have to go through something like this again.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and interest.

Conference - Egypt 2008

29 October 2008

DMI’s 4th International Conference was held in Alexandria, Egypt from October 1st - 5th 2008. 33 countries were represented by some 230 delegates. A Report will be posted as soon as all information is to hand. A big thank you to everyone who attended and helped make this event the great success that it was. Egypt holds many treasures; many of us will be going back to uncover some more of them.

Go to the conference section for Photos and more information.



15 September 2008

Pongsak sends heartfelt thanks to his supporters

Pongsak is FREE - thank you so much for your prayers - we just hope that the judge will grant a full acquittal in due course.

After 2 months of waiting for court hearings to proceed - they were continually postponed - don’t fully understand all that went on but it seems that the case has been dropped, shelved, put on hold, dismissed, …… what ever. Praise God for it any way. He is free to travel to Egypt for the conference and is most thankful for all your prayers, support and encouragement. His family too expresses their appreciation and thanks to all who have helped with the lawyer’s fees and for your prayers. We hope that none of our people ever have to go through something like this again.

Myanmar Disaster

13 July 2008

Each Sunday rice and other food distributed Govt Assistance. One sheet of plastic. Pa Lian encouraging some whose homes were damaged.

A special thanks to all of you who gave towards our Myanmar appeal. I was able to hand carry in funds which has been used to relieve some of the suffering of the deaf in the Yangon area. Our people in Myanmar have asked me to express their grateful thanks for the help you sent. We have been able to help with the rebuilding of homes, paying back crippling loans that some had to take out to repair their places, medical supplies, water purification tables, replacing equipment in business affected and a great deal of food relief. Further repairs to the DMI centre in Yangon will be carried out after the rainy season is over.

DMI/ Deaf Action work is in Yangon which took the full force of the storm but with out the tidal swells that caused so much death and destruction in the delta area. Immanuel School for the Deaf was well out of the path of the storm so unaffected. We are thankful that none of the deaf with whom we work were killed or injured.

Government aid, action and attitude has been appalling. For many just a plastic sheet to repair their homes with and stories coming from the delta were worse.

On the bright side of things there is now plenty of fire wood due to the massive number of trees destroyed by the typhoon.

The attitude and sense of humour of the deaf was an encouragement. One deaf family lost the roof of their house only to find some one else’s roof that had been blown into their back yard which was much better. One deaf lady had a house that was leaning over before the storm. When the winds came it blew it up straight much to her pleasure. However when the winds came in the opposite direction it completely blew the house away.

Pongsak Court Case

11 July 2008

Pongsak greeting his mother after his release

Update: Pongsak is free! See story above for more info.

Pongsak Watcharasampunkul is one of DMI ‘s faithful Thai workers. He is one of the preachers in the Chiangmai Thailand church, works in the DMI office and is involved in the video and visual aids productions, drama teams and in the sports evangelism program. 9 years ago he was riding his motor bike when an old lady stepped out in front of him. It is not even clear whether he clipped her with the bike mirror or whether she just stepped back and fell but unfortunately she died. He was accused falsely of many things and derogatory comments made because he was deaf. A huge amount of money was demanded by the family which was impossible for him to pay.

9 years later he was suddenly summonsed and jailed for a period of two years. There was no representation or interpreter made available to him.

Praise God he was released on bail but must face a court hearing in a month’s time. We want to make sure that he has proper representation and an interpreter available so have opened a “Get Pongsak out of Jail” appeal. We need $US5000 to help with these legal expenses. Please use the Pay Pal link or contact DMI office in your country of residence should you wish to help with this immediate need.

Myanmar Disaster

6 May 2008

Update: The death toll is expected to rise to over 100,000 people, due to hunger and disease. Please pray that the Burmese government will see reason and allow much needed foreign aid into the country.

Destruction in Myanmar Destruction in Myanmar Destruction in Myanmar

An estimated 15,000 people have been killed by Typhoon Nargis which hit the unprepared population of Yangon and the Irrawaddy Delta area of Burma on Saturday the 2nd of May. We have been unable to date to reach our people as electricity and communication lines are down. Most of the deaf live in flimsy wood and bamboo dwellings which would have not stood through the 190 kph winds.

To aid those who have lost homes and who will be needing much help in the days to come, we have opened a new disaster relief fund. Please donate so that we can assist needy deaf people in Burma. For our deaf people life is very hard. Jobs are gone, 7 families have lost homes and all possessions and food is scarce and expensive. Another group of people that our church is reaching out to in Yangon is a relatively large group of people suffering from AIDS. Some of them have deaf children and our little band of deaf believers in Burma have been trying to help them. These people too are suffering very much as no one is wanting to help.

Every cent that is given to DMI marked for Burma Appeal will be sent to our people directly. I am hoping to visit the work on the 26th of May and will take in whatever I can. If I cannot go then money will continue to be sent via our usual method.

Bogota Colombia

24 March 2008

William Mora Deaf church in Bogota

Following the efforts of Dewayne Leibrandt, DMI opened our first church for the deaf in a suburb of Bogota Colombia on March 9th. As far as we know this is the first church for the deaf in Colombia. There are some interpreted services available but this is the first one lead by a deaf pastor, William Mora. Read more about the venture in the newsletter for March in the Newsletter section of this web page.

Deaf Action AGM

24 March 2008

Deaf Ministries International Australia and Deaf Action Inc. will be holding its Annual General Meeting on Thursday 10th of April at 19 Sanctuary Way Beaconsfield Victoria Australia. All are welcome. It is hardly worth you coming from Africa or elsewhere but if you are the Melbourne Area and especially if you are a member of DMI you are welcome.

Pastor Peter Broadbent will be our guest speaker, reports will be given and testimonies from work teams and others who have experienced or been blessed by DMI in some way or the other. 7.30 pm. Refreshments provided. Would love to see you there.


17 January 2008

African Child

Kenya is being wracked by tribal violence since the alleged cheating in the Presidential election. Unfortunately it is the innocent who suffer the most with the deaf being prominent in receiving abuse and deprivation. A fund has been opened to help some of the deaf who have lost homes, livelihood, educational opportunities and who are suffering due to high pricing of basic needs. Many are hungry, have family members who have been injured and others have lost family due to the indiscriminate and insane killings.

A fund has been established to help some of these people who are in great need. If you would like to share you may donate on line either to the Australian office or to the US one by using the “Kenya Emergency Donation” buttons on this page. Thanks for your help.

Reconstruction Complete in Philippines

01 January 2008

New Building

The reconstruction of the main school building in Ligao, Philippines is now complete! Thank you to all who have donated to make this a reality. Things are returning back to normal after the devastating typhoon of September 2006. We have now even been designated as a typhoon evacuation centre.

New Office in South Africa

22 August 2007

William and Bev

DMI has a new representative in South Africa. William and Bev Warmington both deaf, have agreed to represent DMI in that country. Support for the work of DMI can be sent through them and information on DMI activities in Africa and beyond will be obtainable through the office there. (Their lounge room actually!)

Reconstruction Underway

31 May 2007

Devastated Area

Disaster hit the Bicol area of the Philippines last year when two typhoons and a volcanic eruption devastated the area around DMI’s two schools for the deaf. Many of our buildings were destroyed or damaged. Teachers’ homes were lost completely, our agricultural business damaged and in some areas completely destroyed. Fortunately there was no loss of life of any involved in our work. Slowly things are getting back to normal and reconstruction is underway.

Conference - Egypt 2008

24 May 2007

The Sphinx and the Great Pyramid

Dmi 4th Conference is planned to be held in Alexandria Egypt from October 1st to 5th 2008. The primary purposes of our conference in the past which have been held in Davao Philippines, Chiangmai Thailand, Mukono Uganda, have been to encourage and build up our won DMI ministries and workers but all like minded people are welcome to attend and take part.

Beit El Salaam Conference Centre

Estimated cost of the conference is approximately $US300. As usual we will be blessed by deaf preachers from various parts of the world, enjoy dramas , country reports, special presentations and also take part in excursions in the Alexandria area and post conference tours for those interested and have the time.

The conference will be held at the Beit El Salaam Conference Centre which is a very modern and well appointed facility right on the Mediterranean not far out of Alexandria. Excellent accommodation, sports facilities, meeting hall and we hope good food, should be the order of the day so please consider joining us for our 4th gathering.

Chiang Mai Deaf Camp

8 June 2007

Camp Registrations

If you would like to check out the deaf camp in Thailand, view the video posted below. It’s rather large, so don’t bother with dial-up. Hope you enjoy it, and maybe you can learn some Thai signs in the process!

Deaf Camp Video