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You have heard of child sponsorship but what about “Sponsor a Pig”!

Pig pen

As a means of helping our school for the deaf in the Philippines become more self supporting and less dependent on foreign giving and also as a means of providing employment for some of our deaf young people, DMI operates a piggery on the property we own in Ligao Philippines.

Seed money was given by the DCF of Northern Ireland and some pigs purchased. This has developed into a growing business. However to make it completely independent of general school funds we want a revolving capital amount.

How about sponsoring a pig?

From birth to sale, a period of about 3 to 4 months costs us some $AUD80. The pig is then sold for about $AUD120 making a profit of $40. This is multiplied about three times each year resulting in a profit of $120. The original $80 is put back into raising two more pigs for the year.

Your $80 gift can result in some $600 to the school over 5 years. We have at the moment 90 pigs which means $54,000 for the school over 5 years.

Sewing machines for Kenya


The need has arisen to purchase sewing machines for our work shop in Kenya. This workshop is providing employment for some women with AIDS. We have been using borrowed machines but the owner wanted them back so this is proving very difficult for those who need the machines for their livelihood. Please help us purchase machines for these women in need.

Burundi Sewing Project

Deaf Woman with Sewing Machine

DMI Burundi operates a sewing project for deaf women in Bujumbura the capital. Employment opportunities are very limited for the deaf in Burundi so the project is fulfilling a great need. 18 deaf ladies are employed at the facility at the moment but there is need for a further 5 sewing machines. Pedal machines can be obtained in Burundi at $100 each. If you would like to help in the purchase of one or more of these machines an opportunity to do so is available on this page.