Completed Projects

Thank you for your donations! We have been able to complete the following projects, and many deaf will be blessed by your contributions.

Uganda Vehicle

4x4 Truck

There is a desperate need for a vehicle for the work in Uganda. With 45 ministry points throughout the country, a Bible School, school and other projects, a vehicle is not a luxury.

We are looking for a 5 seater cabin pickup kind of vehicle which is a versatile vehicle for Uganda. It is suitable for the rather rough roads, can cart goods and quite a few people as seat belt laws in Uganda are rather lax! We need to purchase a similar vehicle about $25,000. This is a second hand price in Uganda. We are looking also to have one possibly purchased in Japan and shipped to Uganda. Currently we have on hand some $8000 $9500 which has already been promised.

Japan DMI is making this a special project for them but any help towards the purchase of such a vehicle would be a tremendous blessing to the deaf in Uganda.

Burundi Bible School

Bible School Students

Our leaders in Burundi have commence a Bible training school on DMI’s property in Bujumbura. The number of students is increasing and there is a great need for 3 double deck bunk beds to accommodate the new intake in a few weeks time. $500 is needed immediately to purchase these beds and other necessary equipment.

Sponsor a calamansi tree or a rambutan tree.

Rambutan Fruit

Update: All the trees were destroyed in the typhoon (see news page) and need to be replanted.

Next to the piggery we have 2 hectares where 1000 calamansi and and rambutan trees were planted. Calamansi are a tiny little citrus fruit used extensively in the Philippines and rambutan are a hairy kind of lychee for use of a better description. There were destroyed together with other agricultural projects. If you can help with the replanting and restoration of these projects, please donate.

Burundi Wood Workshop

Deaf Men with Wood-working Machine

The United Nations donated to DMI Burundi a very fancy machine enabling deaf employees of the work shop to make furniture and other sophisticated wood products. The machine needs to be moved to a much more accessible location where business can be picked up from passers by. The current location is too far out of the way for business development. They also need some clamps to hold wood together while being glued.

To move the machine, hook up the power and buy the clamps will amount to about $600.