Introducing the DMI Donations 
Collecting Agent in the United Kingdom

Tax-efficient and flexible financial Giving for UK supporters of Deaf Ministries International (DMI) is now managed by a Christian Charity called Stewardship Services UK. Many individuals and families currently support DMI through a monthly gift via various charities & fellowships in the UK. This short document explains how to change or start under the new system.    

How does it work? 

You give to Stewardship.  Stewardship manages the financial transaction with you and the related Gift Aid Claim.  You then request Stewardship donate this money to DMI. Stewardship uses a ‘Direct Debit’ as opposed to a ‘Standing Order’ which means that you can request them to make any relevant changes, at any time you wish. 

Stewardship retain a small fee for their service, however this comes out of the Gift Aid component, not out of your gift. We are pleased to partner with Stewardship in this manner, and hope that you will choose to set up giving for the support of DMI with Stewardship.

How do I set it up?

A. Using Paper –  A simple paper form is attached for your convenience.  


B. Online  – Set up a Stewardship Giving Account online and using the ‘to do’ list,  set up a Monthly Gift by Direct Debit. Then, arrange Stewardship to give this  Gift (including Gift Aid if possible please!) to Deaf Ministries International.

How do I make changes?

You may make any changes to your giving, via the online tool. You may also email, call or write to Stewardship on  or 020 8502 5600.   

If you have any further problems or questions please feel free to contact the DMI-UK Representative – Mrs Gabi McFarland

 Text:     07773 466771