COVID-19 DMI International Office Update:

Due to stage 4 restrictions in metro Melbourne, our office will be closed as of 5/8/2020. 

Our Cloud Systems mean you can always contact us if you need us. All members of our team can work remotely as we have access to all the technology systems and tools we need to keep the organisation going.  

Please keep emailing when you have queries or questions and we will be here to help you! PLEASE ONLY CALL IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO EMAIL.

Welcome to Deaf Ministries Australia and the International Office

Deaf Ministries International (DMI) is an international Christian organisation bringing education, employment and the gospel to the deaf in developing countries. Without DMI, the deaf in these countries would be neglected and left in a lonely, silent world.

The children and young adults in our deaf schools, churches and communities are utterly transformed by the love of Christ and by the opportunity to learn, work and worship in sign.

Deaf Ministries International

Deaf Ministries International