Deaf Ministries International

Deaf Ministries International (DMI) is an international Christian ministry network taking the gospel, education and employment to the Deaf all around the world.

Current Appeals

How we are wise stewards of our funds:

Meet Doo Hyong

I always wanted to meet someone who had audibly heard the voice of God. Doo Hyong Lee has. Not bad for a Deaf man.

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Meet Maria

I’m really touched by Maria’s spirit. If Maria is so content, so untainted by the ways of a sordid world, then why disturb her? Why not leave her in this idyllic setting? The answer unfolds, subtly, as she tells her story.

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Meet Masengesho

What if you went to bed with perfect hearing and woke up the next morning completely deaf? That is what happened to Masengesho.

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